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Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Sheets
Carbon Fiber Sheets
Part # Thickness Size in inches Notes Our Price  
License Plate2 MMUSAFrame$34.00BUY NOW
.2 SML.2 mm9.7" x 12"Adhesive backed$33.00 BUY NOW
.2 MED.2 mm9.7" x 24"Adhesive backed$66.00 BUY NOW
.2 XL.2 mm12" x 39"Adhesive backed$119.00 BUY NOW
1.0 XL1.0 mm12" x 39"Double sided Glossy $124.00 BUY NOW


Our Carbon Fiber sheets are the hottest stuff in racing today. We have real Carbon Fiber sheets / panels / boards in very affordable customizable sheets for all your projects. There are a million uses for Carbon Fiber sheets and we carry it in two thicknesses for almost any purpose, including R/C modeling, motorcycle, automotive, decorative, custom shaped stickers and other custom applications. This is NOT the vinyl look-a-like -- but REAL Carbon Fiber sheets

Carbon Fiber Sheets Carbon Fiber Sheets

Our 1.0MM carbon fiber sheet is nice and strong and both sides are shiny. This is very stiff and good for light weight covers and trim pieces.

.2MM carbon fiber sheets are thin, like a really heavy sticker materia,l and you can easily attach 3M or any adhesive backing or spray on adhesive from the auto parts store. Then, you can just cut it with siccors and place it anywhere you like for looks, or some added protection. it is great for interior trim dress up and covering anything you want like a laptop, skateboard, cell phone etc… We saw a guy cover his toolbox with this stuff and it looked like the whole thing was made of carbon fiber!

Carbon Fiber Sheets Carbon Fiber Sheets Carbon Fiber Sheets
Carbon Fiber Sheets Carbon Fiber Sheets


GTO with carbon fiber interior

Carbon Fiber Sheets
Check out this rare Pontiac GTO decked-out with Coolbulb's Carbon Fiber
adhesive-backed stickers. Nice touch to a vintage beauty!

Keep in mind that only the .2MM Carbon Fiber sheets are flexible and the 1.0 Carbon Fiber sheets are for flat applications only. All can be drilled and cut with many types of saws and Dremel type tools. You can use carbon fiber in places you never dreamed and make all kinds of cool lightweight brackets, covers and panels. Works great on motorcycles for triple clamp covers, tank guards, accessory panels etc… I even made a really fast looking clipboard!

Carbon Fiber License Plate FramesCarbon Fiber License Plate Frames
Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

Ultimately, you are going to have to try it to see if what we have works for your application. The good news is, we have a "no questions" 90-day return policy, so buy a piece if you think this is what you want. Then play with it some and see if you think it will work as long as you don't cut into it you can return it for a full refund. That's about as easy as we can make it.