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 Frequently Asked Questions regarding our HID, Halogen, Xenon and Plasma headlight bulbs and kits.

How do I find out which light bulb to order?

With so many makes, models and trim levels of vehicles, it is important that you check and make sure what type of bulb your particular vehicle needs. You can find the type of bulbs your specific vehicle uses in several locations. One place is the head light lens; the bulb type will be molded into it. Another place is on the bulb itself. The bulb type and wattage will be printed or molded into the base. The vehicle owner’s manual may also tell you what type of bulb you need for your headlights and / or fog lights. When in doubt, check with your dealer or owner's manual.

If you do not know your bulb
type go here: BULB LOOK-UP.




Warranty Policy

All products are guaranteed for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. If for any reason you would like to return anything, please send it in the original package with a copy of the receipt or e-mailed order confirmation and instructions on what you would like - For example, say something like “please refund my money” or "please replace with new bulbs as one is burnt out." We try to be more flexible and helpful than anyone in the industry and that is why our customers keep coming back! Except for shipping charges, we will give a refund for almost any reason within 90 days so you could not ask for an easier way to try our products!

What if my car uses sealed beams?

Please read all about H4 & sealed beam conversion kits by clicking here.

How do Coolbulbs make my headlights brighter?

The brightness of any bulb is measured in several ways. We don’t like any of them because they are not honest some manufacturers use Lumens some use candlepower and all those numbers can be fudged to show any result you want because there is no testing standard. Degrees of Kelvin or just “K” tells you the color temperature of the light (nothing to do with operating temperature). If you stare directly into the sun you will see that it produces an extremely white light. Sun light is 4850°K, and most HID systems produce about 6000°K. Most vehicles are equipped with standard halogen bulbs with a Kelvin around 3200°K. Our Nokya Arctic White bulbs produce about 5000°K and our Arctic Purple bulbs are about 7000°K. They also have big output of light increases achieved two ways. First, these bulbs use a more tightly wound spiral filament made of finer wire in a precise mixture of halogen and xenon gasses that is under much higher pressure than a normal halogen bulb. Second, the presence of xenon gas under high pressure provides an increased rate of halogen regeneration resulting in a very intense light. Depending on the design, a 55-watt version of this type of bulb can produce the equivalent output to an 85-watt or higher standard halogen bulb but without the amperage draw and heat of the standard 85-watt bulb. These new high-output bulbs are becoming increasingly popular because they offer amazing output at relatively low amperage draws and heat generation. The other important technology at work here is the tinted glass - a "High Intensity White" coating. This coating has a pale bluish tint to the glass to filter out the yellow spectrum light producing a light that simulates the ultra white color temperature of H.I.D. lamps. This tint does not make the bulbs brighter on its own but makes the light output whiter. We also offer these bulbs with a purple or yellow tint.

Motorhomes / RVs/ Recreational Vehicles?

No problem. Click here to read more about updgrading your RV headlights and HID / LED FAQ information.

Is it safe?

We have never had any problems with these bulbs in a variety of vehicles, including mopeds and snowmobiles, and we guarantee them to meet or exceed the quality of your factory bulbs.

What about changing the wattage of my bulbs?

Since Edison invented the first light bulb, people have always wanted brighter lights. The Department Of Transportation has set guidelines for us to follow if we want to drive on public roads. Your low beam is not to exceed 55 watts and high beams are not to exceed 60 watts. Since the 70's, people have been installing higher wattage bulbs in their vehicles to get more light and just like in your favorite desk lamp, if you change from a 50-watt bulb to a 100-watt bulb you get almost twice the light. It is legal to run higher wattage “off road” and many people use this type of bulb on the street, but we do not recommend it. If you want to run these types of bulbs, they are much brighter, but there are some things to think about. These bulbs produce more light and subsequently more heat. We have never heard of these type of bulbs harming any headlight lenses because most lenses are a high strength polycarbonate that is very resistant to both heat and impact. But because of the current draw, almost doubling it sometimes can put a strain on your wiring. Frequently check the connectors on the back of the bulbs to see if they are overheating or appear to be melting. If this occurs you will need to buy a heavy-duty wiring harness to run these bulbs like the ones made by Painless Wiring. This is a simple pre-terminated / already assembled wiring harness that takes less than half an hour to install. Do not buy those $10 wires. They are just ends and do not increase your system's capacity in any way.

Are these bulbs Legal for highway use?

Everything we sell is not legal for use in the U.S. and they exceed the D.O.T.'s regulations for brightness and are labeled for "off road / show car use only." However, I have never witnessed the authorities remove a bulb to check for a D.O.T. sticker, have you? These laws are changing as many people feel it is unfair if you wish to save thirty thousand dollars and buy a car not made in Europe why should you have to live with crappy lights? Almost all cars made in the United States do not have optional HID lamps. Is this fair?

How difficult are these bulbs to install?

They are all direct replacement bulbs and mount just like your original equipment bulbs. Most bulbs can be replaced without tools in just a few minutes.

Troubleshooting polarity issues on an install:

Check out our Videos page for this quick and easy fix.

What should I do if I touch the bulb?

Never touch the bulb glass with your skin as oil from your hands can shorten the life of the bulb. If you do touch the bulb, remove these oils with alcohol and a very soft cotton cloth.

How long do they last?

Under normal conditions these bulbs will last a little shorter than your factory bulbs because they are so much brighter they sacrifice life for light. Off road or in racing conditions they will last shorter still. Our HID kits last up to ten years in most conditions

How do I polish my headlights?

Click here for instructions

How do I aim my headlights correctly?

Click here for instructions



A lot of folks today are switching to LED and we at Coolbulbs do it in our homes, vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles too. They are great for many applications, but in high power / high-output lights like headlights they rarely perform as well as HID in a conversion.

If you have ever tried to upgrade an old Mag-Light flashlight to LED, you know what we mean. The reason those upgrades often do not live up to the promise is that LED lights by their nature produce light in a directional way kind of like a laser beam versus a halogen bulb which creates light in a globe pattern (360°), so the headlight housing you are putting the new bulbs in, was designed for a light source that is similar to stock. An HID conversion produces light also in a globe pattern only 300% MORE lumens, so the housing can easily project it in the correct way. An LED conversion will produce bizarre lighting distribution patterns on the road because it does not have a housing that was designed for a focused light source.

If you buy a high enough wattage LED (at least 50 watts), the output would be similar lumens as an HID light BUT you have to take the time and space to map your stock headlights distribution pattern on a flat white wall before installing an LED kit on one side only…THEN having to spend a lot of time pushing and pulling the bulb into your housing, then adjusting for right and left alignment with the bulb and then again with your housing. Then you should be able to get a pretty great light.  Sadly that takes an extra three hours to achieve what an HID install that takes about 30 minutes would have done in the first place.

Also a high-power LED light like that needs a lot of cooling to last a couple years. A lot of vehicles will not be conducive to this type of cooling need.

Install is mostly plug and play on these system and we are always around to help. We love to talk about creative ideas and solutions for any of your Automobile / Truck / SUV / RV / Motor  Home / Recreational Vehicle and Camping Trailer needs.

NO IDEA is too unusual for us. We like COOL and creative things. Don’t be embarrassed to ask! If you need anything just call us 323-963-4139 or watch some of our videos.

Check out our incredible Projector Halo Headlights,
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Shipping Times

We stock all products in large quantities but occasionally we do run out. Hang in there though, as it all comes in just a few days later if we run out. We ship same day from our Los Angeles, CA facility by USPS mostly, Canada is shipped by mail as well. We do not provide tracking info till a package is late, so have a little patience please. We only ship to addresses in the U.S. and Canada and no other countries are possible because of the credit companies fraud controls - sorry. If you want to see your shipping fees before ordering, just enter your order and address online and our shopping cart will show you your shipping charges before you have to enter credit info, so you can always back out! Shipping to most of the U.S. is around $7 for a set of bulbs. We just pass along the fees and there is no profit here for us.

Security Notes

We do not have the same level of computer security as the CIA - sorry. But I wouldn’t worry too much as most hackers target large databases of credit card numbers and not individual orders. It’s just not worth their time. We print and destroy all server records daily! Also, your info will never be shared, sold or pirated by anyone - we promise. Even if some nerd does get through your credit card, your company should insulate you as that is their job. So find something else to worry about would ya!

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