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H4 Conversions

H4 Conversions

Auto Pal



Part # Description Units Price
104PH4 5.75" round H5006 H4 2 $49.95 BUY NOW
102HB2 7" round H6204 DOT H4 2 $59.00 BUY NOW
106H4 4"x6" H4656 H4 2 $49.95 BUY NOW
109HB2 7"x6" H6054 DOT H4" 2 $59.00 BUY NOW
Part # Description Units Price
NOK2214S 5.75" round H5006 DOT 9007 2 $69.00 BUY NOW
NOK2210S 7" round H6204 DOT H4 2 $69.00 BUY NOW
NOK2211S 4"x6" DOT H4656 9007 2 $69.00 BUY NOW
NOK2212S 7"x6" H6054 DOT H4" 2 $69.00 BUY NOW


Easily convert your older car, commercial truck or big rig semi to replaceable bulbs with these H4 sealed beam lights and lenses! Get rid of those outdated sealed beams and install these so you can finally install H4 style bulbs and have bright lights! With a pair of these babies you can install our HID kits or our Nokya bulbs. Buy the bulbs in our description area. Most take H4 some take 9007.

Sealed Beam Flyer - PDF download

Sealed beam replacement lenses 9 times out of 10 are the four sizes below so if yours measure out to close to the ones below then go for it that's the right size, any doubt just call me 323-963-4139 and ask for Andrew! We offer two types and both are stamped DOT so you're good there. On the left is the Auto Pal classic lenses and will look stock in an older car or something you want to look classic the Sirius brand on the right are more modern looking with the smooth lens and diffusion in the reflector. They both have leaded glass lenses for solid performance in the worst weather or hail! Either is a huge step up from the junk on EBay that are plastic and will break and oxidize rapidly.

Please do not forget what we can do to improve the lighting of your classic car, RV or motorhome with sealed beam HID, H4 headlight conversion kits, upgrades and various bulbs that will dramatically improve your safety.



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If you need any help feel free to email or call and if you only need one for a motorcycle or something I can help with that too just ask.

Any questions at all, just email
Andrew at:

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