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Heavy Duty Harness

Heavy Duty Harness

Heavy Duty Wiring Harness Heavy Duty Wiring Harness  Wiring
Bulb Type Wire guage 2 or 4 lamp Price  
H414 awg2$35.00BUY NOW
H414 awg4$35.00BUY NOW
900414 awg2$35.00 BUY NOW
9005 & 900614 awg4$35.00 BUY NOW
900714 awg2$35.00 BUY NOW
9007 & H114 awg2$35.00 BUY NOW
H714 awg2$35.00 BUY NOW
H714 awg4$35.00 BUY NOW
H1114 awg2$35.00 BUY NOW
H13/900816 awg2$35.00 BUY NOW


This is an upgrade to any headlight system. It basically provides thicker wires, more sturdy connectors, relay and a straight shot from your battery to you headlights. This prevents voltage drop common in most cars where your switches and computers leak power before it gets to your headlights. The other main use of this type of kit is to help prevent power overloading in your wiring from installing high wattage bulbs like our Nokya line.

When installing Nokya bulbs on a lot of cars you may notice after a few weeks that your headlight connectors are starting to melt where they connect to the bulbs. This will happen with any high wattage bulbs and a lot of off road guys put in extremely high wattage bulbs for night off-roading and they need this type of wiring right away. For years, guys have been toiling away making their own relay system but these are so inexpensive, it’s not even worth the hassle anymore. These wires will work great with any bulbs even your stock lights will be brighter with this kit as they will finally get full voltage!

For those of us who are not electricians, this kit is easy as a pie to install. Everything is plug and play, it all comes pre-terminated so that there is no striping or crimping. You just need to run the red line to your battery and the black lines under any nearby ground your vehicle already has. No drilling or any craziness, just a pliers to loosen a couple of bolts and maybe a few zip ties to keep the wires from dangling under your hood.

  • Brighter headlights

  • Plug and play design

  • Heavy gauge wire

  • Improved conductivity

  • Improved heat resistance

Available sizes are shown below more may become available soon.

Any questions at all, just email Andrew at: sales@coolbulbs.com