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Philips Diamond Vision

Part # Bulb Type Actual Draw Wattage Price  
PHI12236DV H3 55 $54.95 BUY NOW
PHI12258EV H1 55 $54.95 BUY NOW
PHI12342DV H4 60/55 $54.95 BUY NOW
PHI12360DV H8 35 $68.95 BUY NOW
PHI12362DV H11 55 $68.95 BUY NOW
PHI12972DV H7 55 $54.95 BUY NOW
PHI881Dvs2 881 DVs2 $54.95 BUY NOW
PHI9005DV 9005 65 $54.95 BUY NOW
PHI9006DV 9006 55 $54.95 BUY NOW

Ultra High End European Made Halogen Bulbs

Not available in stores in the US, these bulbs are made in Europe and one type in Korea depending on the bulb. This is very high end stuff that will outlive all those other guys. This is a high end European spec bulb comparable to PIAA but not the DOT stuff they sell here, but the good stuff they only sell in Europe. This is directly comparable to the high end PIAA they sell in Europe and Canada but not here and we are one of the few places that carry it! With a lot of tech and high quality materials, these bulbs will outperform and out last even your stock bulbs and look amazing doing it.

To get this kind of performance out of a stock wattage bulb, they use the highest-grade materials available, even the filament is pure tungsten! It’s hard to find high-end European bulbs anymore as almost all factories are in China these days, so if you must stay in Halogen and want the best, this is it! Best of all they won't stress your lights or electrical system any more than stock.


If you do not know your bulb type go here:  

(Sizes are imprinted on headlight lenses and bulb base or check your owner's manual).

1. An H4 bulb is also referred to as a 9003 or an HB2. 
2. A 9004 bulb is also referred to as an HB1. 
3. A 9005 bulb is also referred to as an HB3. 
4. A 9006 bulb is also referred to as an HB4. 
5. A 9007 bulb is also referred to as an HB5. 
6. H.I.D. bulbs are referred to as 9500, D1R/D2R, and D1S/D2S etc…
7. H1, H2, H3, H7, H8, H9, H11, and 9008/H13 bulbs are usually referred to as such.

Never touch the bulb glass with your skin
 as this can shorten bulb life.Heavy-duty wiring harnesses are also available.

(All bulbs sold in pairs)