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HID Kits - with the latest technology including the most powerful digital ballasts available.

 We only build with the latest technology including the most powerful digital ballasts available. The 6000K light is a white slightly blueish light like a Mercedes. The 8000K is a more pronounced light blue light like a Range Rover (still lighter and whiter than what you got now, just more exotic looking). For most customers we tell them to get the 6000K kit it, as that is all you need or will ever want. But if you live in LA or NYC and want to look hot, then go for the 8000K. If your in KC, I would think twice about wanting that much attention around there.

If you want to go crazy and get a really low or really high Kelvin bulbs, just call or e-mail us and we will sell it to you, but we want to make sure you know what you're doing first! We even have 55 watt kits which are too bright for 99% of applications. But if you need an airplane to land in front of your truck we got you covered, just call!

"Amazing lights and a cinch to install. Thanks Coolbulbs."

David P., St. Louis

All kits are more reliable and stable than most other aftermarket kits you will see. If you want the highest level of performance, the most reliable kit, go with Coolbulbs.com. For the money, our kits will blow you away! They have a long life and offer very stable electronics at a very affordable price.

These kits are not the cheap universal ones you see on EBay. They are bulb- type-specific and fit like a glove. You get a ton of bang for the buck with these kits most importantly you get the protection that only Coolbulbs.com can offer (a one-year warranty and we never leave our customer's hanging). We will support you for years to come. We offer premium kits that should last you 10 years at a very reasonable price. Great for motorcycles, work trucks, Semi trucks and even your parent's cars!

If you are nervous about installing a bulb or an HID light conversion kit, I swear it' s a cinch and you don't even need directions. Also check out HID FAQ page. Just take it all out of the box and start plugging it in and you will see each plug only goes in one way so no mistakes are possible. Also check out our Videos page for more help.

If you still have questions, you can always email us at Sales@coolbulbs.com and we will help you. What I always tell people is buy what you want and if you get it home and you just can't deal with it or are not happy for any reason just send it back for a full refund -- we are easy going! Local Stereo shops or similar 12-volt install shops are also happy to help with an install.

We're always working hard to build the highest performance HID kits while still keeping our prices low and we think you will be excited by the performance. HID systems produce about 150-watts of light while using only 35-watts and they also produce less heat than your stock bulbs.

Our kits are true "snap in" HID headlights, pre-wired for quick "click and go" installation that converts most bulb types to a night vision fantasy. We hear people say, "My Mom said the kit I put in her car took 20 years off her eyes."


Watch out for those cheap HID kits available on the net, look carefully at their real return policy. Do they have a restocking fee even if you didn't even open their kit? Or what if when you tried it out you just decided the light did not match the color of your new shoes and you want to try another kit? Most other guys will charge you for this. To me companies that care about their customers and stand behind their products don't charge fees period also our kits never require modifying your headlight housings or your wiring harness.

We never charge any strange fees nor do we charge for "handling." We ship by USPS Priority Mail and pass along the shipping charges to you. No hidden fees, fast cheap shipping and no sales tax charges (except in California). What could be better?

Easy to install-

Our bulbs are made to simply plug into existing headlight reflectors and come with a special, easy to install, wiring harness that connects the system to your existing headlight socket. Some models require running a power line to your battery, but that's easy. The kit includes everything you need, a pair of Bulbs, Ballasts & Custom Wiring Harness matched to OEM connectors. Installs in a few minutes with no tools in most vehicles

A lot of people ask, "Can I really install this HID kit myself?"  Yes you can! The wiring is about as hard as plugging in a new VCR. The hardest part is just tucking all the wires out of the way so they are not just hanging around under your hood.

Our Hi-Lo kit uses a magnet to direct the light at a high or low angle so your lights will work just like normal. For more info on the most common questions we get (our FAQs), click here.

These lights are covered by a 90-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. Most systems should last about 10 years or 3000 hours before bulb failure. All bulbs are tested and burned-in by the manufacturer prior to delivery.


  • An H4 bulb is also referred to as a 9003 or an HB2
  • A 9004 bulb is also referred to as an HB1
  • A 9005 bulb is also referred to as an HB3
  • A 9006 bulb is also referred to as an HB4
  • A 9007 bulb is also referred to as an HB5

If you do not know your bulb
type go here: BULB LOOK-UP.


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