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LED Fog Lights

Led Fog Light Kits

  • White Fog Lights
  • Lime Yellow Fog Lights
  • Resistors

White Fog Lights

Part # Description Lumens Price  
NOK9810 9006 (HB4) - 6000K LED Fog Bulb 1200 $139.95 BUY NOW
NOK9818 H8, H9, H11 - 6000K LED Fog Light Bulb 1200 $139.95 BUY NOW
NOK9789 PSX24W/2504, H16/5202 * - 6000K LED Fog Light Bulb 1000 $129.00 BUY NOW
NOK9790 PSX26W - 6000K LED Fog Light Bulb 1000 $129.00 BUY NOW

Lime Yellow Fog Lights

Part # Description Lumens Price
NOK9510 9006 (HB4) - Lime Yellow LED Fog Bulb 1300 $139.95 BUY NOW
NOK9518 H8, H9, H11 - Lime yellow LED Fog Bulb 1300 $139.95 BUY NOW
NOK9689 PSX24W/2504, H16/5202 * - Lime Yellow LED Fog 1000 $129.95 BUY NOW
NOK9690 PSX26W - Lime Yellow LED Fog Light Bulb 1000 $129.95 BUY NOW

Resistor For LED Fog Lights

Part # Description Type Price
NOK9594 H8 / H9 / H11 LED Fog Light Resistor 1000 $29.99 BUY NOW

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High-Powered LED Bulbs LED Fog Light Replacement Bulbs


"I like these Nokyia LED fog lights more than HID for Fogs, because it preserves your beam pattern, uses less power, produces almost no heat for housing preservation and should last almost forever! These fog lights cut a path through the night like nothing I've ever seen."

These are ultra-high end LED Fog Light replacement bulbs, not some inferior generic product. Our bulbs are highly engineered in a state of the art Korean bulb factory that makes bulbs for the top Asian car companies. The low price throw away bulbs have terrible beam patterns and don't last long. At 15 watts, our bulbs put out over 1200 lumen with the coolest lensing tech I have ever seen. They bounce the light back into your housing so you get a sharp, crisp and clean light picture on the road, not high scatter like the direct reflect cheaper automotive lighting products.

  •  OEM Quality
  •  Same Beam pattern as stock only way brighter
  •   15 watt 1200+ lumens Cree™ LED's
  •  12v&24V compatible
  •  50,000 hour life expectancy
  •  24 month warranty
  •  Available in 6000K blue ice and 3000K lime yellow

LED Fog Light Replacement Bulb
Halogen vs. LED Bulbs
LED Fog Lights

Part numbers NOK9689 & NOK9789, previously listed as H16/5202 type bulbs will require the use of splice type connectors for installation as the supplied plug & play connectors are not compatible. For vehicles equipped with PSX24W/2504 bulbs , these LED bulb parts are plug & play without any modification.

Download PDF Instructions here


LED Resistor

The LED Resistor is specifically for newer cars equipped with Bulb Out Warning Systems. Since LED bulbs have no filament. The warning system will think the bulb is burned out and an error message will be displayed on the instrument panel. With the LED resistor installed, the warning system will be "fooled" into thinking an incandescent bulb is installed and working properly so there will be no warning light. Most German cars will need the resistor, and most Japanese and American cars will not. You can always buy the LED's without the Resistor and see how it goes. If you get a warning light just don't use your fogs or live with it till you get a resistor. Currently our resistor is about the size of a box of Altoids

If you do not know your bulb type go here: 

LED Bulb Look-up